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brew52, week 8

Flat Earth Cygnus X-1:

“My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life…” -Ayn Rand


“Live for yourself. There’s no one else more worth living for. Begging hands and bleeding hearts will only cry out for more.”
“I set a course just east of Lyra and northwest of Pegasus. Flew into the light of Deneb, sailed across the Milky Way.” -Neil Peart


“This robust English style porter… has a creamy mocha chocolate flavor with a hint of spice.” -Flat Earth Brewing Company

Is this beer a delicious distillation of countless nineteen-year-olds’ favorite fantasy/philosophy? Or is it merely another bastard grandchild of a cold, bizarre Russian woman?

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that was then
this is now


really nothing to add, but

I managed to finally get that post at the house blog done. But not before the fire trucks showed up for the third time today...


thankfully, there's a breeze from the north

more here, when I get to it...

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so... we meet again

I saw 2165 a few times today. Here he is the first time I saw him:
Here he is the second time I saw him:
Here he is the fourth time I saw him:

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How long will it be before we hear our conservative friends claim that W defeated Castro? We should probably put his head on Mt. Rushmore.

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brew 52, week 7

Surly Two:

A is for Al, who served me Surly Two at Blue Nile this evening. A pleasant fellow, to be sure.

B is for Better, which Two got as it warmed. It’s also for Body, of which Two has plenty. Oh, and Balance, which it has, too.

C is for Cranberry, which was definitely present, but not overpowering.

D is for Dessert, which is when I’d like to have another sometime.

E is for Evil, which is what I thought of the first sip. I had just brushed my teeth.

F is for Finish- tart and still roasty. Favorable.

G is for Good God, when will this end?

N is for Now.

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couple things

The other day at around 6:00 PM, a young guy bounded up my stairwell and dropped two quarters into the coin slot. Then he stood there and dug around for his dollar. I was wondering, as I always do, why people don't wait until they have all their money together before they give it to me. (Of course, I can't figure out why they don't have it in hand when they get on the bus, but that's another bitch session.)

So I got the $1.50 and informed him that the fare was $2.00, because it wasn't 6:30 yet. He looked at me with a straight face and said, "You shoulda told me that before I put 50 cents in!"

Today, as I sat eastbound on the SW corner of Franklin and Nicollet waiting for a green light, a guy ran across the intersection diagonally, from the NE corner, where Acadia Cafe used to be (sniffle).

That's a busy intersection. I really hate it when people stop traffic and nearly get hit trying to get to my bus. Obviously, it's not my fault, but you know, I feel a bit responsible. So far, thankfully, I haven't seen anyone get hit. Sometimes if I'm in the wrong mood, I don't pick them up. No need to reward stupid behavior. Sometimes I wait for them and scold them when they get on the bus.

Anyway, this guy avoided at least one car and then stood in the middle of the intersection waving at a left-turning car, indicating for them to go. They did not go. He ran in front of them (and at least another car) and to my bus. The occupants of the left-turning car whooped the car's siren, put on its red and blue lights and presumably wrote the dude a ticket for jaywalking. Idiot.


new pick

I picked this morning.

3/8 - 5/30

Saturday, Sunday- off
Monday- 6:29 AM - 11:36 AM, 24 line; 2:19 PM - 6:28 PM, 11 line.
Tuesday- 7:17 AM - 8:22 AM, 17 line; 11:11 AM (r) - 7:06 PM, 21/53 lines.
Wednesday- 5:14 AM - 9:29 AM, 11 line.
Thursday- see Tuesday
Friday- 6:53 AM - 8:09 AM, 133 line; 10:38 AM - 6:29 PM, 24 line.

Nine hour work again. Short day Wednesday. Two reliefs all week. Overall, not bad at all.



you know what day it is...



it may be kind of crass, but I usually just spell it donut

I start my days on the 2 headed east. I see this as I drive by:

Then yesterday, westbound, just as I turned my head to the microphone to announce 14th and 15th Avenues over the PA, this caught my eye:

I burst out laughing into the microphone. As usual, I don't think anyone else on the bus was nearly as amused as I was.



today's earworm, before I came home sick


brew52, week 6

Herkimer Alt:


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ohhhhhhh yeeeaaahhhhhh

Once again, as happens every couple of years, I've riled up people with whom I probably agree on nearly everything important.

If you're so inclined, scroll down to puzzling and join all the smart people (and I absolutely do not say that sarcastically) in the comments trying to explain to me why I should give a Democrat my vote. Master of Disaster, you may sit this one out if you're still exasperated from last time's go-around...

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When you go see your favorite band at the Xcel tonight,
I hope they have a drummer with them...




I forgot to mention that January 29 marked my seventh year at M*tro Tr*nsit. I also forgot to take the day off, because I forgot all about it until yesterday. It's not a big deal, but Tuesday is my least favorite day this pick.


have you got a bad back?

As I waited for a bus to take me home this morning at 24th and Nicollet, a punk rock girl, maybe 16 or 17 years old (I can't really tell anymore), walked to the bus stop. She had this logo (just the head, and in color) on the back of her leather jacket:

Of course, I asked, just to be sure. Ohhhhh, yeah. She digs the Toy Dolls groove, baby! Nice. I didn't think anyone cared anymore... at least anyone under the age of 30.