great MN get-together

I got there four times this year.


hahahahahahahahaha! ha!

All the extra hot air in the atmosphere right now? The Republicans' collective sigh of relief!

Or maybe it's a disappointed sigh. They won't be able to showcase the marvelous job George and Dick have done in the last eight years.

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the circus

The RNC Circus has begun. Well, not officially, but I'm sure you've heard about the raids on a number of houses in the Twin Cities.

Minnesota Independent has a lot of info.
The UpTake has a pile of videos.
This thread on MNspeak features many links.

Fear, intimidation, trumped-up charges. It's nothing new for the crew currently in charge, is it?

Let me be clear. I have no sympathy for the yahoos intent on destruction in the name of progress. Our goals might be the same (or similar), but our notions of good tactics to achieve those goals are miles apart.

I think the raid that really upsets me the most is the one on the house full of journalists. It seems that the aforementioned crew in command fears nothing more than their actions being made public.

I don't know why they're so afraid, though. It doesn't seem to really matter if we know. Even after eight years of slowly learning the actions and tactics of arguably the worst presidential administration in US history, at last count 45% of my fellow Americans want to continue the national nightmare and send John McCain to the White House. No one ever accused the masses of being smart.

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the new iPod of shaving (?!?)



haven't felt like writing anything

I'm done with instruction for a while. I was scheduled to work as a relief instructor yesterday, but was confused because I thought I was going to get back to driving. It turns out there was a mix up getting me back on my schedule. I spent the day on call.

And I got called. I got to drive the 971 for about five hours. That's Great Minnesota Get-Together work, baby! Love it. Everybody was happy, no one had to pay, and I had a good PA system and a captive audience.

When Kassie and I went to the fair later last evening, we got a few extra Sweet Martha's cookies from a lady who rode with me. Perks!

Today Andrew, an online acquaintance/regular commenter/former Cambuser, rode with me. He introduced himself. Good thing, too, because I don't think I would have recognized him any other way.

Well, I suppose I ought to get to bed. 4:50 comes early.

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great mn get-together








myre-big island state park

We went camping this weekend. Kassie pulled the surprise reservation at a state park down south. It's not really where Minnesotans go in the summer.

But it turned out to be a pretty nice place.

Here's our campsite. It was on the Big Island part of the park. The temperature was probably ten degrees cooler under the canopy than out in the real world all weekend.
Of course, Adventure Dog got to have some fun. There were very few mosquitoes and I don't think I saw a single biting fly.
And I think it may have been my brother who first pointed out to me years ago that the Push-Butt-Rub-Hands-Gently-Under-Arm-Wipe-Hands-on-Pants Guy really gets around. He's been to Myre-Big Island State Park!

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the last few days

My two students passed their in-service tests on Thursday. One of them didn't look in his mirrors enough and got chewed out by our safety supervisor. I told him and told him to get in his mirrors more often. He rolled with the scolding pretty well and I think he got the point.

Friday night I went to a party. Saturday night I went to a party. I had a most enjoyable time at both. I kind of enjoy this photo from Friday night.
Today we went on a pontoon on Forest Lake with some of Kassie's co-workers. I drove a jet ski for the first time. Sixty-something mph on the water feels really fast. It was a blast.

Now I'm really tired.

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no strike in my future

Contract approved 83% to 17%.

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the mostly true exploits of adventure dog

The world knows him as mild-mannered Jeffrey Marie CC- chaser of balls, eater of grass, splasher of water, sleeper extraordinaire.
But little do most people know, when nature calls, he transforms into Adventure Dog!*
Before his car even arrived at Glendalough State Park, Adventure Dog leaped out the window and battled the fierce and savage Mr. Badger. Way to go, Adventure Dog!
AD donned his pack and made it clear he was ready for a walk. Little did he know that his greatest nemesis, Deer Fly Horde, was waiting for him. The flies attacked. AD had little defense and little interest in staying near anyone who might be able to swat the flies and keep them away from him. He was pleased to find some relief in a creek.
It was a sad time in Adventure Dog's life. He even considered joining Monty, Coppy, Pokey, Chum, Tabatha, Rico, Penny, Rex, King, Rusty and the rest at the Glendalough Pet Cemetery.
However, Adventure Dog decided not to let a few welts and a swollen face get him down.
Instead, he made the most of his day, chasing a US Senate candidate in the water.
Adventure Dog had an exhausting, somewhat painful day. It was nothing four Benadryl tablets couldn't take care of.

He got his fill of nature and is happily back to being plain old Jeffrey Marie CC, asleep on the bed.

*There might be a lot of canines out there calling themselves Adventure Dog. They don't seem to be a terribly creative bunch.

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new pick

I picked my new work this morning.

9/6/8 - 12/12/8:

Saturday, Sunday- off
Monday- 5:52 AM - 2:45 PM (r), 12 line.
Tuesday- 6:46 AM - 8:14 AM, 156 line; 11:05 AM - 6:35 PM, 21 line.
Wednesday- 4:43 AM - 8:08 AM, 18/554 lines.
Thursday- 8:33 AM (r) - 10:49 AM (r), 2 line; 12:54 PM - 7:45 PM, 17 line.
Friday- 5:03 AM - 1:57 PM (r), 18 line.

Yeah, a lot of that is early. But my latest night is 7:45 and I could have picked something earlier. The later start time is appealing since I go to trivia on Wednesday nights. The 12 line got moved to Nicollet for the next pick. I remember kind of liking it, so I was happy to get a day of that. I could have picked the 12 a couple more days, but I figured if I don't like it, it's only one day.



I voted on our latest best and final contract offer this morning.

I briefly talked with Michelle, our union president, before I voted.

It's a two-year contract with 2.25% and 2% raises. Health care goes up, but it doesn't look like it's by a lot. Overall, aside from the fact that the cost of living is more than 2% per year, it doesn't look too terrible. I think we also gained a couple things. One important thing we got is that all work between 8:00 PM and 3:00 AM is worth an extra $.50/hour.

The executive board recommended approval. I'm pretty sure it'll be approved.

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