happy Halloween!

You've seen it before. I went with the old tried-and-true costume today.
"Some Other Bus Driver"
"Deep Undercover at M*tro Tr*nsit"

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pot, kettle, etc.

"Library. Library. Library. Library."

-Guy wearing a button on his jacket featuring the punchline "THEN YOU'RE NUTS!" and who minutes after we pulled away from the stop across from a library, told another guy about a mutual friend who "lost her marbles."



is Simon insensitive?

Hey, look! Simon's in someone's paper!




Dear Right-wing dumbasses,

If Obama were actually a Marxist, I might vote for him. He's not. Too bad for all of us.


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pretty gross

I said it afore and I'll say it again: I really hate shaving. Here is a perfect example why:
This hair was curled up in my neck. I've tried all kinds of remedies over the years, but my wavy hair means a wavy beard, I guess, and that means I'll hate shaving until laser removal becomes affordable. Or until I die, I suppose.



me too



home late

The pictures are terrible and there was not a lot of wreckage, but I got rear-ended by a semi this evening and it did not feel very good.

I had just let off my last passenger of the night when my bus lurched forward, sort of like when you kill your manual transmission car. But it was louder and more violent. I was confused, then it dawned on me. I asked the guy who I had just let off if I had been rear-ended. He confirmed that I had.

I'm going to try to see a doctor tomorrow. I'm probably OK, but if something pops up (or out) in a couple years, I want this on my record.
I don't know if you can tell, but somehow- bus. vs. semi- bus wins!




Kassie and I went to the MALL... OF... THE UNIVERSE!!! this evening to get her a new computer. On the way home, we decided to stop at David Fong's for dinner.

Fong's is a Bloomington landmark. I grew up a few blocks away, so Chinese = Fong's for many, many years, and I didn't like it one bit. My parents like chow mein, so that's what we got. I hated chow mein then, and I hate it now. But I loooove Fong's. It's an old-school Chinese restaurant- not very authentic, but the food is tasty and the ambience rules.

David Fong's is celebrating their 50th anniversary. Kassie and I were surprised and rather pleased to get a gift from David Fong (via the hostess). Check it out.


the question

If you think back eight loooong years ago, you might remember that, for a significant chunk of the voting public, pretty much the only thing that mattered about the President of the US and the candidates for that office was the individual's character. I don't plan to get into whether or not W restored "honor and dignity" to the White House. Frankly, I think that's obvious.

But I do find it extremely curious that, when faced with the two major candidates in the upcoming election, the same voting bloc apparently is planning to vote for the short-tempered adulterer with a potty mouth and vague, if they are even existent, religious beliefs. You know, when they could vote for the Christian family man.

I don't get it. Do you?



sioux falls

I went to Sioux Falls this weekend for the University of Sioux Falls College's 125th Anniversary Celebration and All-Class Reunion. I didn't see a lot of people my age, but I was glad to see the ones I did. There were a lot of my parents' friends there, though. I guess when you've got nothing better to do... hee!

Friday night, I visited my brother and his family. My nephew has a bucket of dried-out frogs.
My niece likes to mug for the camera, too.
Later, I met MinusCar Mike at Monks House of Ale Repute (no website?!?) for a few chilled Belgian beverages. Great place! We stayed out late.

Yesterday, I went to Bob Young Field at the Sanford Health Sports Complex to watch the homecoming football game. USFC spanked Briar Cliff 42-0. I don't think they need any of my money, do you?
Look at this hot dog they served me. If you look really closely, you can see the pink color that rubbed off the dog onto the bun. It tasted about as good as it looks.
Last night I attended the variety show. I enjoyed it, despite the plethora of acts consisting of someone singing a very slow song.

Afterward, I headed back to Monks House of Ale Repute with Steve, my old radio show partner. We had a good visit and stayed quite late.

Today, I went to my brother's house for lunch and Vikings (ugly win...).
Now I'm home.




Kassie and I went to Duluth.
Kassie had to work. I did not. We went out last night.
We saw Allison at Fitger's.

Today I wandered around a little bit. I gave the Indians some of my money. I bought some chocolate, some CDs, and then I went to the Great Lakes Aquarium.
I saw a bunch of fish at the aquarium. Yes, those are piranhas below. They aren't in the Great Lakes (yet), but there was quite a bit about the Amazon, too.

My favorite part of the whole place was the model of the Great Lakes. There are a bunch of toy boats and you can float them to the Atlantic Ocean by piloting them across the lakes and maneuvering through locks. It was cool. After I took my ship to the Atlantic (first photo), I took some time for an historical reenactment (last two photos).
Here, my ship is about to go over Niagara Falls.
Hey Captain! The locks are to your right!



quick note

Dear Democratic friends, acquaintances, and strangers,

You know I will not vote for McCain. That's a given. I can't think of a Republican I'd even think about thinking about voting for.

However, until your guy, or any of them at a level higher than the state level, start talking like Ralph Nader, I will not vote for them, either.*

Yes, what I'm saying is that I am going to vote Nader/Gonzalez. I got excited watching Nader talking with Tabitha Soren on C-Span this evening. Simply, I want him to be president. He is exactly who we need for president. His ideas are smart, valid and practical.

I've seen your guy and frankly, he doesn't impress me.

CJ a.k.a. the TL

p.s. Will you still be my friend/acquaintance/stranger?

*It looks like I don't have a choice other than to vote for Franken in that stinky, stinky race.



can't wait for tonight

This is great! via Minnesota Independent, Talking Points Memo:



fare increase

Bus fares increased an additional $.25 today. I won't necessarily go into how most of the people paying it very likely didn't vote for Governor Smiley and are therefore, once again, being asked to carry a burden not of their own doing. We all know he's very good at saving the state money on the backs of its poorest citizens. I'm really not the one to ask about the fare increase anyway- I think it should be $1.00 to ride everywhere, only because the buses would be overwhelmed if the fare were free.

Fortunately, today was my short day, working early in the morning, so I didn't have any hassles with people who were short on fare. There were plenty of folks who didn't have the quarter, of course, but I reminded them gently that the fare went up today, and they were generally apologetic. Some found the extra quarter, some didn't. I didn't care. It's going to be a little while before everyone knows.

That's why I'm very glad to have the next four days off work.

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