she said,

"I'm having a seizure."

And she was. It passed and she got on my bus.


hello, it's been awhile

Kassie called me in to the TV to see some bad news last night. A bus hit and killed a woman in Minneapolis last evening. Apparently, the driver was unaware he'd done it until he got a call from Control.

I feel terrible for the woman's family and terrible for the driver, who is an acquaintance of mine.

If I ever have the misfortune of killing someone while driving a bus, I'm not sure I could go back to driving (assuming it wasn't my fault and I got to keep my job). For me, this serves as a(nother) reminder just how fragile life as I know it really is.



once again...

It's time for the Be Our Neighbor Game! Seriously, this place is beautiful and the stupid housing market makes it quite affordable.




Think it's really him? I posted a Roxy-positive tweet yesterday.



sorry 'bout that

The bridge over 494 at Lyndale has been torn down. That means the 4 that ordinarily goes over that bridge has been detoured. It also means that a shuttle has been created to get people from the Menard's east of 77th and Nicollet to the 82nd Street Transit Station.

I think the shuttle is being run by South Garage. I've seen a map of it, but I didn't pay a lot of attention to it, because I figured if I somehow had to drive it, I'd look more carefully then.

I drove the 4 today. I didn't have to worry about Lyndale on my southbound trip (I was on Penn), but on my return trip, I was supposed to go north on Lyndale, so I had to detour. The detour takes us over to Nicollet in Bloomington where we cross 494, and then back to Lyndale on 77th, on the Richfield side of 494.

My paddle (a.k.a. schedule) had a note at the 77th and Lyndale time point. It said to wait for the 4 Shuttle. I saw a notice this morning on the bulletin board regarding that particular note. Now, I'll admit that I'm pretty foggy early in the morning, so I didn't see that it said 4F, which I was not. What I did notice, for some reason, were the words WAIT and REQUIRES. And I could have sworn I saw UNDER PENALTY OF DEATH, but on second look, I guess that part isn't there.

Anyway, I got to 77th and Lyndale and waited. Just like my paddle told me to. I waited almost ten minutes, then put in a call to Control. (I also remembered the part where it said we might be late.) It took them five minutes to get back to me. They must have been busy this morning. I stated my problem, which was that I had not seen a single shuttle in ten minutes, and I mentioned the note and I asked if this was dumb, or if I was doing what I was supposed to. I waited for an answer. Five more minutes later, I was told that the shuttle must have gone on ahead of me, and since I was now twenty minutes down, I could go ahead.

It was really cold this morning. I picked up a lot of unhappy people. I did not blame them one bit. I apologized. They were OK.

I got back to the garage. I looked another copy of my paddle. It was the same. I looked at the shuttle map. The shuttle does not even go to 77th and Lyndale. And that is why I did not see one.

That note is no longer on that paddle.

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