vacation '9

WARNING! Disturbing photos ahead.
Proceed at your own risk.
(I'll let you figure out which ones you think are disturbing...)

Kassie's parents have a cabin and are in the process
of completing a house near Nevis, MN. We spent
a little over a week there. It was very relaxing.

We were all excited to go on vacation, but I think Jeff was the most excited of all...

Jeff checked out the beaver lodge, did not see a beaver.

Kassie's brother Pete and his friend Josh were up for the first weekend we were there. Here, Josh cleans a walleye he caught.

Sarah and Nathan came to visit us the first weekend. We took a 10-plus mile bicycle ride on the Heartland Trail.

Oh, ha ha. I'll bet I'm the first person to ever do that! ha-freaking-ha.

Awesome! See you there! For sure!

There are bald eagles on their lake.

It's not far to Itasca, so Kassie, Jeff and I drove up there for the day.

Jeff and I crossed the headwaters of the Mississippi.


Awesome! part 2.

Akeley, MN. Kassie took this shortly after I read the notice to please stay off Paul's hand.

Walker, MN. You know, I don't know...

I guess the Huber family must have all lost their limbs to leprosy or something.

Jeff got a treat. Slightly old zucchini.

And perhaps the most disturbing photo of all.




If you didn't like the nude year photo, this might not be for you. But it amuses me.



remember me?

I got a new bicycle today. I plan to be jumping over cars within the month.