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stupid hard drive

I have all our music on an external hard drive. Sometime last week, it started to make unusual noises.

whizz, click! ...then nothing for a little while... whizz, click! ...and on and on...

From what I've gathered reading MacWorld, we're not alone in our failure to properly back up our computers. But I've been meaning to get at least a second external drive to back up the music and our computers.

The odd noises were all the motivation I needed. I went to FirstTech and paid a little bit more than I should have for a 500GB LaCie d2 Quadra drive. I don't mind paying extra, though, because I got good help and information from the guy working there (as always) and it's a local business.

The first time I moved my music was when moved it from my computer's hard drive to the drive that's acting up. As I recall, it went pretty well. I followed some directions that I found online and got it right the first try.

Well, moving the music files from one external drive to another is easy enough, but making sure iTunes knows where they went is apparently almost beyond me. Two days later, I finally figured out the simple little thing I had to do to make everything work properly.

In the meantime, I lost a bunch of music that got deleted off the bad drive. In the process of trying to make iTunes aware of what I was doing, I moved the music around a few times. Every time I moved it, I lost more. Fortunately, we have almost all of it on CD. But it's a significant hassle to go back and rip it all again.

As soon as I back up my computer's hard drive, I guess that's what I'll do.

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