Kassie and I went to the Minnesota Zoo today. As you might guess, we saw a lot of animals and I took some photos. I know it's not a dog, but I couldn't resist taking a pic of this puma taking a dump!


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dog taking a dump, international version, pt. 2

Pete took this in Bora Bora. For me. Excellent!



I'm still alive




Kassie and I went to Pride today. I forgot my camera, which made me unhappy for a few seconds. My phone filled in, not at all admirably.

We met a friend of Kassie's and her friend for the parade. I actually like parades, but not the ones at 7:00 in the morning. This one started at 11:00.

When the view didn't look like this,
we saw:
Mike driving a bus (the stupid school bus!),
Doug handing out stickers,
Dana in a car (no picture),
many other people and things that won't go on my family-friendly blog, and
Al Franken running across the street to shake my hand.

On the way to catch a bus home, we saw
which is always nice.

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last weekend



you're welcome

former Independence Party U.S. Senate Candidate Robert Fitzgerald
hastens away as our hero drops a little love onto the lawn

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dog taking a dump, international edition

Simon took this in the Netherlands. For me.




Well, Jeffrey will apparently live through the alcohol and raisins. I'm not ready to relax until we start to see some cheesecloth, though...

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a few pics from the last week

Kyah and Cayden, my niece and nephew.

I thought it was a good idea to pitch with one hand and try to get a photo with the other. This was right before the ball hit Cayden on the forehead.

Jeff, Sammy. Sammy, Jeff.

Kassie said she sees this all the time, so she didn't find it nearly as funny as I did.

Banjo, tail end of the dump. I believe the next move is: consume what has been dumped.

Andy, Ben. Ben, Andy.

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twins plus

Kassie, T-Unit, Simon, Robert, Sean and I went to the Twins game this afternoon. It took three hours and 45 minutes for the Twinks to beat the Royals 1-0. It was a long, relatively uninteresting game. It's a good thing we know so many people with their Thursday afternoons wide open. I might have fallen asleep if it weren't for the company.

But earlier in the day:

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