pretty good day to wear purple

My old friend and roommate Kevin was in town this weekend. One of the activities he had planned was the Vikings game this afternoon. His dad and brothers (?) were going to make the trip from Sioux Falls. But, as you may know, we got some weather this weekend.

As a result of the poor weather, the University of Sioux Falls College playoff football game scheduled for yesterday was postponed until today. The Cougars have been ranked number one in the NAIA all year and a win would send them to the championship game.

Kevin's family opted to stay in Sioux Falls for the game and enjoy the 35-mph winds and below-zero windchills.

I opted to join him for the Vikings game. On the way in to the warm Metrodome, I couldn't figure out why the ticket was so inexpensive.

Ha ha! Fortunately, there weren't many people around us. We could have moved, as there were empty seats everywhere, but we didn't. It was kind of nice up there.

The Coo pulled out an 11-10 victory on a last-minute drive. Sweet.

The Vikes game was never in doubt. 42-10 over the Lions. Purple Jesus is back (116 yards on 15 carries) and the rest of the team actually looked pretty decent, too.

I was wearing brown.



notre lame

You know how there are Cubs fans all over the place simply because WGN is on the low end of every cable station in the country?

Well, when I was a kid, I thought Notre Dame football was pretty neat. And why was that? I suppose it's because they were on NBC every Saturday during football season. And they were good; I'm sure that helped.

When I was a kid, I thought Ronald Reagan was pretty cool as well.

Then I more or less grew up. Suddenly Old Ron looked like the giant turd that he was and Notre Dame didn't look too great, either. Maybe it was because Lou Holtz left Minnesota to coach there, or maybe I grew more sympathetic to the underdogs in life.

Over the years, it has irked me to no end that NBC still continues to show Notre Dame games every week when there are more deserving teams and much more interesting games on every week. Yeah, yeah, I know. Storied program, every Catholic in the country roots for them, blah, blah, blah.

I can't say how much it makes me smile that Notre Dame is 1-9. I can't say how annoyed I am that they're on TV again today playing Duke.

You know, the NAIA playoffs started today. Any one of those games would probably be fifty times more interesting than the one that's on right now.