file under: what in the world were we thinking?

Kassie and I took the last three days off work to paint our living room, entry, and stairwell. I'm quite sure there will be a full post on the house blog when we're done, but for now, enjoy what might have been. You know, what might have been if we remotely thought it looked even halfway kind of decent. The picture does not do the fluorescent glow it gave off any justice.

Ugh. All gone now.



everybody's monday off

Monday is my usual day off. Memorial Day can be one of those days when I get a little cranky because a lot of people have it off and I can't just get things done.

But today Kassie and I got stuff done. Kassie spent the last couple of days ripping out the grass on the front slope of our yard. Plants and shrubbery went in today. I think the idea is not to mow it any more.

Then we went to my parents' house for dinner. The South Dakotans are still in town.

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