I was pretty grumpy today. I woke up with a headache and it mostly went away with the help of some painkillers.

I was able to keep the 2 on time, though, so that was cool. Well, I guess I lost a few minutes on one trip when my bus was filled like a clown car with U students.

Yeah, that's all I have. Probably not even worth posting.

How about a photo from my stash?

Andy, bird, CJ in Grantsburg, WI- 1989, I think...



new plates

We're getting a new critical habitat license plate. Anglers complained about the first design, which depicts a walleye leaping like a bass:

So it was changed to this:

OK, fine. I like it; I think it looks nice. But what I'm pleased to note is that we may actually be able to read the letters and numbers on these plates, unlike the Support Our Troops plates, which are a drive-by shooter's dream.

I'm quite sure the colors are darker in real life. I can read regular plates with ease from across a big intersection, but these are impossible to read at half the distance.