ha ha! hilarious!


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I think my game could use a visit from Fathers Merrin and Karras.
Unless it's a warning of an imminent visit from old Saint Nick.



I wanna know where these guys hang out...

'cause they look pretty cool.



pretty gross

I said it afore and I'll say it again: I really hate shaving. Here is a perfect example why:
This hair was curled up in my neck. I've tried all kinds of remedies over the years, but my wavy hair means a wavy beard, I guess, and that means I'll hate shaving until laser removal becomes affordable. Or until I die, I suppose.




I arranged these schedules like this on my bus yesterday
for all you Rush fan out there.

At first, I answered A, but changed it to True. I decided that might be wrong, so I went with ∫ x² e^(3x) dx but didn't like that, so ended up with "The refusal to belong to any school of thought, the repudiation of the adequacy of any body of beliefs whatever, and especially of systems, and a marked dissatisfaction with traditional philosophy as superficial, academic, and remote from life."

I still think I got it wrong. Oh, well.



the new iPod of shaving (?!?)



myre-big island state park

We went camping this weekend. Kassie pulled the surprise reservation at a state park down south. It's not really where Minnesotans go in the summer.

But it turned out to be a pretty nice place.

Here's our campsite. It was on the Big Island part of the park. The temperature was probably ten degrees cooler under the canopy than out in the real world all weekend.
Of course, Adventure Dog got to have some fun. There were very few mosquitoes and I don't think I saw a single biting fly.
And I think it may have been my brother who first pointed out to me years ago that the Push-Butt-Rub-Hands-Gently-Under-Arm-Wipe-Hands-on-Pants Guy really gets around. He's been to Myre-Big Island State Park!

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Many, many thanks to the anonymous person who sent (?) me the Sprinkle Brigade's book, Sprinkle Brigade Volume 1. The package didn't even get properly postmarked, so I don't even know where it came from. Was it stamped, but not mailed? Who knows...

I can't really explain how delighted I am with what these folks have done with the simple dog dump, so maybe you should just poke around or buy the book and see for yourself.

update: Mr. Oblivious managed to miss that the book is from Dan and Teresa. Thanks!

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I started my bus for an eastbound trip on the 2 today.

Apply brake, start bus, put into gear. Put into gear. Put into...

The bus refused to go into gear. I noticed the CHECK TRANS light was on.

I shut the bus off to give it a couple minutes to think about what it had done.

Retry. Nope. It would not go into gear.

Call Control. They're sending a new bus, please let them know if I get mine moving.

I tried a few more times. I got a bite to eat. I tried a few more times. And I kept trying because I just knew that a mechanic was going to show up and it was going to go into gear. And I'd be some kind of idiot.

The mechanic showed up. He started the bus. He put the bus into gear.

DAMN IT! I knew that was going to happen.

I got a two-hour break out of the deal ,though.

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egg vs. chicken

Kassie insisted that I tell this story. She loved it; I think she told her mom about it on the phone. I think it's OK.

I have purchased three games for my phone: Zuma (good), Dilbert Cubicle Chaos (OK) and Egg vs. Chicken (good). I'm not much a video game guy; I don't play them on my computer. But it's nice to have a way to kill time on my phone.

Egg vs. Chicken is a pretty amusing game in which the player needs to group eggs of the same color and fire them at the chickens. I especially enjoy the commie-egg back story. The worker eggs are fighting the Cluckocracy- the chickens. (Note: that Egg vs. Chicken download crashed my computer once and messed up the settings the second time I launched it.)

Egg vs. Chicken screenshot- it's simpler on my phone

Today I was playing Egg vs. Chicken on a layover. When it was time to go, I paused the game. I played it through the next layover, and paused the same game. When I got to my next layover, THERE WERE NO CHICKENS. I clumped all my eggs in groups and waited. I eventually fired them in hopes of drawing the chickens out of hiding, but no chickens attacked my fortress!

So I quit.



giving in

I created a Facebook account to keep up with the Brew52 group. Soon after, I started getting friend requests.

I'm not one to turn down friend requests, especially since they were from... uh... friends. I've been ignoring most of the wild and crazy applications that can be part of the Facebook experience, though.

I think I've made one request (other than Brew52), and that was for a similar reason.

But you know, tonight, I think I'll make some friend requests.



what were they talking about?

Yesterday morning, as I drove by WCCO on the Nicollet Mall, I saw the MIC ON and ON AIR signs. The anchors sit with their back toward the mall when they do some of their broadcasts.

As I approached the intersection, the anchorman turned around, looked out the window and waved at me.

I waved back.

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so... we meet again

I saw 2165 a few times today. Here he is the first time I saw him:
Here he is the second time I saw him:
Here he is the fourth time I saw him:

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the strangest thing happened...

I am doing some route training this week and next week.

I was in the instruction van today, traveling south in Bloomington on Nicollet Avenue.

A grey Corolla drove up next to me and I glanced over. The woman driving was wearing large sunglasses and she looked up at me. Her face brightened, she pointed at me and mouthed "CJ!." She blew me a kiss and then sped up to get in front of me. She turned off Nicollet at 86th, before I got another look at her.

I have no idea who it was.