Kassie and I went to the Minnesota Zoo today. As you might guess, we saw a lot of animals and I took some photos. I know it's not a dog, but I couldn't resist taking a pic of this puma taking a dump!


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betta fish

My niece and nephew each got a fish. My nephew, who is five, named his Pikachu. My niece, who is three, named hers before they even left the store. Her fish's name is... Karen.

Pikachu and Karen

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myre-big island state park

We went camping this weekend. Kassie pulled the surprise reservation at a state park down south. It's not really where Minnesotans go in the summer.

But it turned out to be a pretty nice place.

Here's our campsite. It was on the Big Island part of the park. The temperature was probably ten degrees cooler under the canopy than out in the real world all weekend.
Of course, Adventure Dog got to have some fun. There were very few mosquitoes and I don't think I saw a single biting fly.
And I think it may have been my brother who first pointed out to me years ago that the Push-Butt-Rub-Hands-Gently-Under-Arm-Wipe-Hands-on-Pants Guy really gets around. He's been to Myre-Big Island State Park!

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wasps fear me

And I don't mean our neighbors to the west in Edina. Though some of them probably ought to fear me a little...

Here is a wasps' nest in my parents' Japanese Lilac.
This is what it looked like before my brother and I put some holes in it with a pellet gun and then knocked it down with a soccer ball and a football.

There are no after pictures because there wasn't much to see after we finished it off with the garden hose. We didn't get it completely out of the tree, though. It was built around a couple branches pretty well and the top part was still stuck up there.



honey bunches of oats is so good, you have to wear a hard hat!




is he strong? listen bud...

The other night, I was watching a movie and drinking a can of soda. As I neared the end of the can, I took a sip and felt something besides Coke in my mouth. Almost as quickly as I noticed it, I felt a stinging burn and spit out... a spider. It was a common sac spider- we see them from time to time around the house. The inside of my lip is swollen.

Unfortunately, it was not a radioactive spider. But I suppose our neighborhood does not need any supervillains, which I would surely attract if I were to gain the proportionate strength, speed and agility of a spider.



the call of the wild

I woke up this morning to the sound of Jeff puking up sticks and assorted other. As I checked on the mess he was making, a bald eagle flying across the front yard caught my eye.

I looked out the window and saw another one. It was a young one. Eventually, I think it saw me, but it didn't seem to care.

So yeah, we went to Kassie's parents' cabin this weekend.

Anyway, Jeff was outside looking at the eagle. He was interested, but not interested enough to mess with it.

He sat safely up the hill, about 75 feet from it.

We had a good time. Jeff loved the lake. Kassie's cousin got a picture a lot like this one, but much cooler.

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had a decent day

Last night Kassie and I talked to a guy named Jeff who lives down the street from the shot-up SUV. We also met his friend Liz who was visiting him. Liz got on my bus this morning.

I left squirrel paste on 38th Street this evening. I blame Sorce.

On my last stop on my last trip, I picked up:
  • eight bags of groceries
  • four cases of soda
  • one 24-pack of toilet paper
  • two people to carry it all
I drive the 23 to the Minnesota Veterans Home twice on Fridays. It's on 51 acres overlooking the Mississippi River. Today someone was tagging Peregrine Falcon chicks. Their mother wasn't too happy about it. These photos might have been kind of cool if I had a lens the size of a beagle and a big camera to run it, like one lady who was there did.

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