Dear progressive friends,

This is not aimed at anyone in particular, so please don't take it personally. I just have a bug up my butt this evening...

"Dem Cowards" by Dewey Phantom



ha ha! hilarious!


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the old hope-a-dope

I'd like someone to take a poll of those who voted for W and ask them the degree to which they regret voting for him. I know there are about fifteen people who still think he did a good job, but I suppose that's to be expected.

So today is out with President Tool, probably (hopefully!) the biggest idiot I'll know as president in my lifetime. (I wasn't sure we could top Bonzo, but we did!)

And it's in with President Hopey. Good luck, America. I hope this one works out better for us.

(thanks to kwatt for the links)



go away, sleazebag!



this is an excellent read

A bad day for the Gipper: Reaganomics runs its course, by Steve Berg on MinnPost.




Wyatt invented a cocktail for this evening's festivities. He won't get to have another for awhile, but I'm home and I'm enjoying one now. It's called the Baracktail.

2 oz Genever (Dutch Gin, dry gin will do, but not as rich)
1/4 oz Maraschino Liqueur
1/4 oz Pimms no. 1
Dash Orange Bitters.
Shake and strain into a cocktail glass. Serve with a lemon twist or homemade maraschino cherry.

It's quite tasty. After speaking with Wyatt this evening, I went a little heavier on the maraschino, more like 1/2 oz.

p.s. yeah, I voted for Nader, but I'm still happy about the way things appear to be going...

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Dear Right-wing dumbasses,

If Obama were actually a Marxist, I might vote for him. He's not. Too bad for all of us.


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me too



the question

If you think back eight loooong years ago, you might remember that, for a significant chunk of the voting public, pretty much the only thing that mattered about the President of the US and the candidates for that office was the individual's character. I don't plan to get into whether or not W restored "honor and dignity" to the White House. Frankly, I think that's obvious.

But I do find it extremely curious that, when faced with the two major candidates in the upcoming election, the same voting bloc apparently is planning to vote for the short-tempered adulterer with a potty mouth and vague, if they are even existent, religious beliefs. You know, when they could vote for the Christian family man.

I don't get it. Do you?



quick note

Dear Democratic friends, acquaintances, and strangers,

You know I will not vote for McCain. That's a given. I can't think of a Republican I'd even think about thinking about voting for.

However, until your guy, or any of them at a level higher than the state level, start talking like Ralph Nader, I will not vote for them, either.*

Yes, what I'm saying is that I am going to vote Nader/Gonzalez. I got excited watching Nader talking with Tabitha Soren on C-Span this evening. Simply, I want him to be president. He is exactly who we need for president. His ideas are smart, valid and practical.

I've seen your guy and frankly, he doesn't impress me.

CJ a.k.a. the TL

p.s. Will you still be my friend/acquaintance/stranger?

*It looks like I don't have a choice other than to vote for Franken in that stinky, stinky race.



can't wait for tonight

This is great! via Minnesota Independent, Talking Points Memo:



hahahahahahahahaha! ha!

All the extra hot air in the atmosphere right now? The Republicans' collective sigh of relief!

Or maybe it's a disappointed sigh. They won't be able to showcase the marvelous job George and Dick have done in the last eight years.

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the circus

The RNC Circus has begun. Well, not officially, but I'm sure you've heard about the raids on a number of houses in the Twin Cities.

Minnesota Independent has a lot of info.
The UpTake has a pile of videos.
This thread on MNspeak features many links.

Fear, intimidation, trumped-up charges. It's nothing new for the crew currently in charge, is it?

Let me be clear. I have no sympathy for the yahoos intent on destruction in the name of progress. Our goals might be the same (or similar), but our notions of good tactics to achieve those goals are miles apart.

I think the raid that really upsets me the most is the one on the house full of journalists. It seems that the aforementioned crew in command fears nothing more than their actions being made public.

I don't know why they're so afraid, though. It doesn't seem to really matter if we know. Even after eight years of slowly learning the actions and tactics of arguably the worst presidential administration in US history, at last count 45% of my fellow Americans want to continue the national nightmare and send John McCain to the White House. No one ever accused the masses of being smart.

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are you ready for the circus?

Here's my ever-so-modest contribution to the cause...

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well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well

"Action" Robert Fitzgerald is back in the ring!




How long will it be before we hear our conservative friends claim that W defeated Castro? We should probably put his head on Mt. Rushmore.

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ohhhhhhh yeeeaaahhhhhh

Once again, as happens every couple of years, I've riled up people with whom I probably agree on nearly everything important.

If you're so inclined, scroll down to puzzling and join all the smart people (and I absolutely do not say that sarcastically) in the comments trying to explain to me why I should give a Democrat my vote. Master of Disaster, you may sit this one out if you're still exasperated from last time's go-around...

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My union has done something that must be very, very unusual, if not completely revolutionary. The Amalgamated Transit Union has endorsed a Republican for President!

Dear ATU Member:

I am writing to advise you that the ATU General Executive Board has endorsed Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in the race... for President.

Blah, blah, blah.

Crazy, huh? Well, you know she won't be getting my support.




Simon brought this to my attention:

"Mississippi" Tim Pawlenty is willing to retreat from his firm opposition to a state gas tax increase in the wake of the Minneapolis bridge collapse and approve a transportation funding bill during a possible special session, a spokesman said Friday.

I guess one of the victims was a Mercedes. Time to take action!

And not surprisingly, Lt. Governor Carol Molnau still has her head up her ass.



Mississippi Tim

Governor Pawlenty has been named Governor of the Month by the National Governors Association.

Coincidentally, he has also been named

Jackass of the Lustrum


Congratulations, Tim!