hahahahahahahahaha! ha!

All the extra hot air in the atmosphere right now? The Republicans' collective sigh of relief!

Or maybe it's a disappointed sigh. They won't be able to showcase the marvelous job George and Dick have done in the last eight years.

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the circus

The RNC Circus has begun. Well, not officially, but I'm sure you've heard about the raids on a number of houses in the Twin Cities.

Minnesota Independent has a lot of info.
The UpTake has a pile of videos.
This thread on MNspeak features many links.

Fear, intimidation, trumped-up charges. It's nothing new for the crew currently in charge, is it?

Let me be clear. I have no sympathy for the yahoos intent on destruction in the name of progress. Our goals might be the same (or similar), but our notions of good tactics to achieve those goals are miles apart.

I think the raid that really upsets me the most is the one on the house full of journalists. It seems that the aforementioned crew in command fears nothing more than their actions being made public.

I don't know why they're so afraid, though. It doesn't seem to really matter if we know. Even after eight years of slowly learning the actions and tactics of arguably the worst presidential administration in US history, at last count 45% of my fellow Americans want to continue the national nightmare and send John McCain to the White House. No one ever accused the masses of being smart.

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are you ready for the circus?

Here's my ever-so-modest contribution to the cause...

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