I ride, too

I took Kassie's scooter to Scooterville today.

We picked up our scooters from her parents' house Sunday afternoon. Hers had leaked some oil onto the floor of the garage. When she got it started, it wouldn't keep running unless we gave it a lot of gas. We got it running well enough to try to get it home, but it kept stalling out.

We took a beautiful trip through the outskirts of North Minneapolis on Victory Memorial Parkway, which turns into Theodore Wirth Parkway, which runs into Cedar Lake Parkway. That'll get you to Dean Parkway, then to Calhoun Parkway. Oops. The weather on Sunday was excellent and the lake was packed. We got caught in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Kassie had to work to keep her scooter running.

We bailed on the parkway and got home OK, though we had to go a long way out of the way.

So I wasn't sure what I was in for this afternoon. But Kassie's scooter fired right up and idled without any issues. I got it to Scooterville with no stalls. Bob at Scooterville assumed that there was something in the carburetor that worked its way out.

I took the 113 bus home. It goes through the University of MN on Washington Ave., then it gets on 94 and goes south down Lyndale and Grand Avenues.

A couple of law students who were sitting behind me ought to become bus drivers.

"What's this driver doing? Most drivers get into that lane!"

"I could have walked faster than this!"

"We're never going to get home!"

etc. etc. etc.

I've always wondered if people sit behind me and second-guess my driving decisions, especially when I drive one of the U buses where the right guess on a lane can pay off, or it can bury you. I guess my passengers probably do that. Listening to Perry and Matlock today, one might have thought that we weren't going to make it home in time to watch American Idol.

So out of curiosity, I called TransitLine (612.341.4287) and discovered that we were... right on time.

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