trivia loot

The Shock Monkeys (Trivia Division) tied for first place with two other teams in trivia at Tracy's this evening.

We lost the tie-breaker, but that just means we got to pick from a box of beer and liquor swag.

Here's what I took. I think it's sexy. I'm sure Kassie will love it.

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random things

I ran into a woman at the dog park who went to school with my brother. They may have attended elementary through high school together. I'm not sure. As usual, I would have probably seemed a lot less creepy if I'd just not said anything. But what fun is that? I remember people and I like to say hello.

Then I ran into Ranty and her husband at Tracy's tonight. We've never met in real life, but I think it was OK that I recognized them and said hello. Wyatt, T-Unit, Teresa and I were there for pub trivia. The Shock Monkeys (Trivia Division) got destroyed again.

I have a class of three who will take their CDL tests tomorrow. Here's one of them practicing the straight back. In three tries, I've been unable to do it. Bad instructor!

I went to Kowalski's for some groceries this evening and noticed an interesting sign. I took this picture from the next aisle over because a woman was working in that aisle. Perhaps she was stocking cat liter!

Kassie and I went to lovely Wausau, Wisconsin last weekend to celebrate my grandparents' 70th wedding anniversary. Yeah, you read that right. They've been married a long time.

We saw a polka band in the middle of downtown.

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The Shock Monkeys are 1-0 after an 11-10 win this evening over Cheetos (or whatever they're called... The Cheetos maybe?).

The planets aligned for me this evening: I'm on vacation (so not on a bus) and Dan C. is out of town. There were plenty of women. After being a sub for a couple years, I finally got to play.

I hit the ball around a little bit for a few minutes after a game two years ago, and did the same with the team from work when I lived in Des Moines, but I don't think I've actually played a game of softball since sometime in the early '90s.

I'm pleased to report that I went 2-for-2 with no runs and an RBI. I played two innings in right center field. I missed a ball I should have snagged and caught a tough one when we needed it. I was awarded the game ball, though I thought Wyatt deserved it more. I got the won't-get-to-play-again-and-had-a-good-game game ball. I'll take it, though. It was really fun to play.

One of these years, maybe my work schedule will allow me to play more often. In the meantime, I should probably work on strengthening the shoulder I dislocated. It's weak. I get about 2/3 the distance I used to.