Daff sighting!

Here's the Daff at Barnes & Noble, reading Tolstoy (really!), sleeping, or possibly both.

Bored me, too.



daff sighting

The Daff rode with me the other day. I haven't seen him for quite a while.

The spot next to me was taken, so we didn't get to talk for most of the ride. But when that seat opened up, he moved forward.

The Daff loves Christmas music and listens to it year 'round. He told me that he has a Hooked on Christmas CD. One of the tracks, he couldn't remember the number, was listed as being 3:46 long. But do you know when it ended? 2:55! Someone really got that wrong! He also told me about putting one of the Christmas songs on both sides of a short cassette, because, "Why not?!?"

He also wanted to know how long I've been married. Kassie talked to him on the bus for quite a while one day.

It was good to see The Daff. He always brightens my day.

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