battlestar galactica

My brother and I watched Battlestar Galactica when we were kids. We were Star Wars freaks and it was just more of the similar. (I remember a Newsweek or Time cover with BSG on the cover and the big headline: Son of Star Wars.)

I don't remember much of the original show.

Kassie and I started watching the new SciFi channel "reimagination" of BSG.

Remember when Life cereal decided they needed a new Mikey and the new Mikey was... a girl? That was almost predictable, huh? Well, on the new BSG, Starbuck is a woman. Wow, what a twist. That's fine, though. I can certainly live with that.

I'm having a hard time understanding what the fuss is about with this one. We're only the pilot miniseries and two shows into the first season and I'm already sort of annoyed with the acting, the plotlines and the consistency. Does Mr. Terrorist, played by the original Apollo, have huge name recognition and a big following among the people, and is, therefore, dangerous? Or is he nearly forgotten, wasting away in prison for the last twenty years, therefore in need of getting his name out there again? (Um... where???)

I don't know. I want to like it and I pretty much do, but I thought it would be smarter than it seems to be so far.

So, I'm asking the four of you: Have you seen it? So you watch it? Does it get better? Should we continue to watch it?



losing me?

Kassie and I are watching the first season of Lost. There's a lot of really, really painful dialogue and we're having a hard time suspending our disbelief.

And somehow, I'd like to keep watching. Stupid American.