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The site you submitted has been reviewed. We have made an update to the following URL(s) in our master database to address this issue: - Message Boards and Clubs

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007 12:52:09 PM



a bit more


I recently moved my blog from one URL to another. The new URL,, is blocked by your product under the category "sex."

This URL was blocked even before there was any hosted content on it. Previously, I was simply forwarding it to the other URL. The site has never been blocked at some of the places it is now.

I'm hoping you can tell me the reason that the URL is blocked, as my blog is, for the most part, family friendly (my mother reads it). There is no sexual content, nor am I aware of any links to site with sexual content.

I am baffled. Please let me know the problem so I may attempt to resolve it.

CJ Camp



I guess I'm blocked in more places than just the state. Dean sent me a screen capture from his workplace.

So, while I haven't looked too far into Websense, I guess I have a beef with them. Of course, as a (non-practicing) librarian, I already have issues with filtering anyway.

Here's what their site says about why is blocked.

I call shenanigans!

Kassie said that she got the same message that Dean did even when was forwarded to the location.

I guess I'll start with my site host and maybe try to get hold of someone at Web(non)sense.


stupid state

Apparently this site is blocked by the state now. The reason given: sex. Now I don't know what any good state worker would be doing browsing my site during the work day, but I'm pretty sure I've managed to keep it fairly family-friendly around here.

Does anyone know how that works?