As I've mentioned, Kassie and I go to University Baptist Church. We really like it. One of the church's traditions is a Palm Sunday brunch. I've gone to three of them. The food is delicious and it's a nice way to get to know people I haven't talked to very much.

Kassie and I stopped at a Mexican bakery (featured in the background here) to pick up our contribution: Mexican breads and pastries. Tasty and easy.

The brunch went well. We sat with some people we didn't know very well. One of the women at the table is directing a play that I'd like to see. One of the other people at our table was a pretty quiet guy who we'd never met, but seemed to be a nice guy. He sat on our side of the table with his girlfriend (I assume) between us, so Kassie and I didn't get to speak with him too much.

After brunch, we processed outside, then back in to the sanctuary for the service. Kassie and I sat in the very last pew. A few of the young adults sat behind us in chairs along the back wall.

About ten minutes into the service, something dawned on me.

Did I need to share it with Kassie? No. Should I have shared it with Kassie? In retrospect, no. Did I share it with Kassie? Naturally.

The quiet guy bore a strong resemblance to Sideshow Bob.

OK, he didn't have huge feet, a pot belly or a big knife, but the resemblance was there.

Kassie started to laugh. I really didn't think it was that funny. But now we were giggling and really trying to stifle it because...

We had reached the "Joys and Concerns" part of the service, where people stand up and share the good and the bad things that have happened to them and their loved ones.

And it was not a good week for UBCers. Someone knew someone who got hit by a car. Was there something about someone who died?

I don't know because I was concentrating on getting myself together. Kassie left. I got myself under control. When she came back, someone in the choir loft, directly above and behind us, was sharing something about cancer. So half the congregation was facing the back and I started laughing again. We were sitting there shaking with laughter. Kassie left again. I was crying and my nose was running. The kids behind us were laughing by now. I had to get out. Of the building. I let out a huge snort before I got out of the sanctuary. I got outside and it all came out. Of course, I almost heaved steve. Kassie and I stood outside laughing and feeling like idiots. One of the ushers poked his head out to see if we were OK.

We knew we couldn't go back in. Kassie had to retrieve her jacket, but there was no way I was going to go back in. So we left early. Bad.

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