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transit and libraries

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Dear progressive friends,

This is not aimed at anyone in particular, so please don't take it personally. I just have a bug up my butt this evening...

"Dem Cowards" by Dewey Phantom




First, watch this. Then, watch this.

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Kassie and I went to the Minnesota Zoo today. As you might guess, we saw a lot of animals and I took some photos. I know it's not a dog, but I couldn't resist taking a pic of this puma taking a dump!


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I went to Wausau for my grandma's 94th birthday celebration. I missed the party, because it was on Friday, but I caught the rest of the fun.



just a bit more about my grandfather

The Wausau Daily Herald wrote some nice things about Grandpa.

We're headed to Wausau for the funeral on Friday.



Franklin M. Gering 1913-2009

My grandfather has been ill. In late April, when he first went to the hospital, we didn't think he would make it through the weekend. His kidneys were failing and he suffered from congestive heart failure. But he hung in there. My brother and I visited him and said goodbye. He hung in there some more. This weekend he took a turn for the worse. I was on the phone with my mom a little while ago and she had just told me that his kidneys failed when she got another call. It was the lady from hospice calling to tell her that Grandpa died. He was a dynamic man of faith who lived an interesting and fruitful life. He was completely ready to go and comfortable with death. I'll miss him.



vacation '9

WARNING! Disturbing photos ahead.
Proceed at your own risk.
(I'll let you figure out which ones you think are disturbing...)

Kassie's parents have a cabin and are in the process
of completing a house near Nevis, MN. We spent
a little over a week there. It was very relaxing.

We were all excited to go on vacation, but I think Jeff was the most excited of all...

Jeff checked out the beaver lodge, did not see a beaver.

Kassie's brother Pete and his friend Josh were up for the first weekend we were there. Here, Josh cleans a walleye he caught.

Sarah and Nathan came to visit us the first weekend. We took a 10-plus mile bicycle ride on the Heartland Trail.

Oh, ha ha. I'll bet I'm the first person to ever do that! ha-freaking-ha.

Awesome! See you there! For sure!

There are bald eagles on their lake.

It's not far to Itasca, so Kassie, Jeff and I drove up there for the day.

Jeff and I crossed the headwaters of the Mississippi.


Awesome! part 2.

Akeley, MN. Kassie took this shortly after I read the notice to please stay off Paul's hand.

Walker, MN. You know, I don't know...

I guess the Huber family must have all lost their limbs to leprosy or something.

Jeff got a treat. Slightly old zucchini.

And perhaps the most disturbing photo of all.